a sonic space where two musicians flow through cinematic atmospheres

Valden is a project of real-time composing and improvisation of electronic music, booted by Riccardo Massari and Tony Peña, and based in Barcelona and Tenerife since 2017.

Riccardo Massari

Riccardo Massari is a composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music with more than 30 years of experience and experiments in the sound and music field.

Among his recent collaborations (with Tarcordium, electronics, and acoustic piano) it is worth mentioning the participation in various concerts of improvised music organized by John Zorn at The Stone in New York in 2012, and more recently in 2018 in a series of solo concerts in Mexico where he premiered new works for Tarcordium and electronics.

Tony Peña

Tony Peña is a classically trained musician in classical guitar, chamber music and choir conducting. The adoption of a new ergonomic technique led him to the electric guitar and the use of analog and digital effects. For the American composer Tom Johnson, he recorded TomJohnsonForSix. Lately, his interests have been focused on minimalism and real-time composition.